Coalition Technologies Partners with Drive Medical

Coalition Technologies is pleased to announce our partnership with Drive Medical, one of the fastest growing medical manufacturers in the world. Through our partnership, we will be able to reach more businesses seeking web marketing and design services.

About Drive Medical

Drive Medical is a growing global manufacturer of durable medical equipment. Drive Medical markets and distributes its products to customers in North, South, and Central America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. In addition to manufacturing medical equipment, Drive Medical offers business partnerships to help their partners reach more customers in the health care industry.

Our Partnership

By partnering with Coalition Technologies, Drive Medical is able to provide high quality and affordable web design and web marketing services to its customers, allowing them to become more effective providers in the healthcare industry.

Through our partnership, Coalition will provide Drive Medical with the following services:

Web Design

We offer some of the most talented web design professionals on the market. Thanks to our close partnership with BigCommerce, one of the top ecommerce software platform solutions, we can build our customers premium BigCommerce web stores that look fantastic and offer an intuitive shopping environment for customers seeking out medical equipment and other similar products.

Our BigCommerce stores are built with both the shopper and search engine in mind. All of our medical web designs are optimized to appeal to the latest search engine algorithms to drive traffic to our customers’ web stores. The medical businesses we serve are better able to compete for market share in the healthcare industry and provide customers with the equipment they need and the shopping experience they love.

Web Marketing

Our web marketing services provide the most advanced marketing campaigns in the industry. We offer medical businesses with placement ads that are listed at the top of search results on engines like Google and Bing. We also help medical businesses re-target their site visitors so they can increase their amount of return traffic. We employ cutting edge search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to help online medical retailers beat out the competition.

On top of a professionally designed website and the accompanying marketing campaign to drive traffic, we provide social media branding to our customers. We help our customers develop their brands, not only in their web stores, but on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Doing the Work

Our partnership allows us to benefit Drive Medical’s medical retailer partners with full web design and marketing services. We build our customers a fully functioning web store within days, with an account manager making sure they are receiving the highest level of service possible. Our marketing and design services come with a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that Drive Medical’s business partners receive a website that works for them, and the customer traffic to match. We are only satisfied if our customers drive in more traffic and achieve higher sales.

Call Us Today

At Coalition Technologies, we are excited about our recent partnership with Drive Medical, allowing us to reach more customers. The partnership also allows Drive Medical to provide their business partners with high quality websites and increased traffic and sales. Are you interested in what our web marketing and design services can do for you? Give us a call today and receive a free quote.

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