How Much Should You Spend on an SEO Services Company?

In today’s market, utilizing SEO practices is no longer optional. We live in a world where the web is becoming central in all factors of commerce. Since it’s now easier than ever for the average small-business owner to start up online, the competition is stiff. The best way to ensure your business stands out is to work with a SEO services company.

SEO Services: How Does it All Work

Before you begin shopping for a SEO services, it’s a good idea to learn how the basic SEO payment models work. Most agencies offer a variety of options, which allows clients to choose how much of their budget they’d like to allocate for these services. These payment models include:

Contract Services: If you only need help with a one-time project, such as a website audit or rewrite for your home page, a contract plan might be your best bet. This is basically the “a la carte” in the world of SEO services. Most of these plans have set prices, but a good SEO services company will also offer project-based pricing, which means that they will give you a price quote for the specific custom project you have in mind.

Hourly Consulting: You can also receive SEO services by the hour. This option might be best if you simply have a few questions about how to improve your website but don’t want a full site audit or revamp.

Monthly Retainer: If you’re looking for ongoing professional help for your website complete with management services and regular content creation, a monthly retainer is the option for you. Most businesses choose this option as it offers an assurance that the money you’re investing will provide the greatest return. Most monthly retainers include a variety of services, such as analysis, content creation, link building, and social media management.

Your Investment: What Should a SEO Services Company Cost

At this point, it’s probably clear that investing in SEO services is a must. However, you’re probably wondering just how much you should invest.

For contract and project-based services, the price will vary greatly depending on what you need. Larger projects typically cost between $1000 and $30,000. For a simple copywriting page or handful of pages, you can expect to pay between $0.15 and $0.50 a word.

A monthly retainer will likely cost you anywhere between $750 and $5000 per month. The exact price will depend on the size of your business, complexity of your website, and the specifics of what you need done each month.

You will pay somewhere between $100 and $300 an hour for hourly consulting. This can add up fast, so be sure to carefully consider whether a monthly retainer might be the best option before choosing hourly services.

Important Considerations When Choosing a SEO Services Company

Many business owners make the mistake of thinking they can handle everything on their own, not realizing that fully optimizing your website takes a huge amount of energy. Even if you have a great deal of knowledge about SEO, you will most likely be too busy with other aspects of business management to devote the proper amount of time to SEO.

Other factors to keep in mind include:

  • Reputation Matters: When it comes to SEO services, cheapest is not always best. Look for a company with a strong reputation for success and fair payment models. Coalition Technologies has a 99 percent customer satisfaction rate. You can’t beat that!
  • All or Nothing: There’s no point in spending a lot of time and money creating a beautiful website if no one can find it. Taking advantage of SEO services is the best way to ensure you get a return on all of your efforts.
  • A Constantly Evolving System: You can’t pay for a one-time SEO service and expect your website stay at the top. Google algorithms change, new competitors enter the scene, and rankings are constantly being adjusted. Even a couple bad months could put your business behind. This is why a monthly retainer is a good investment.

Red Flags in the World of Online Marketing

When shopping around and considering different companies, watch out for:

Services that cost less than $750 a month: To put it simply, this isn’t realistic. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Bad link building: Inbound links are crucial for success, but some companies use insufficient or unethical practices to build links. Before you invest in these services, be sure to discuss the exact practices your company utilizes. Ask where and how they plan to develop links for a business in your industry.

Unrealistic guarantees: If a company makes guarantees about instant results or promises that your website will remain number one in the Google ranks, you should be wary. The industry is in constant flux and guarantees simply aren’t possible. Some companies use suspicious practices to produce instant results. Google looks for companies taking advantage of the system and penalizes them, so this will hurt your business in the long run. Instead, you should look for a SEO services company that has a long-term plan to bring your business to the top and help it stay there.

Full SEO Services for Websites Large and Small.

Coalition Technologies is proud to be ranked the number one Los Angeles SEO services company. Whether your business is just starting up or you simply need some help attracting new clients, we are ready to meet your unique needs. Check out some of the services we offer!

1. SEO Assessment

Has business been slow lately? Do you know your website needs help but aren’t sure where to begin? If so, our professional website assessment is the answer. We will analyze your website over a period of weeks to look for areas that need improvement. Even if you already have a well-designed site, there are most likely things that could be changed to improve your ranking.

2. Content Assessment

On top of analyzing your website for SEO optimization, we can also assess your content itself. While checking that your content is optimized for search engines is important, it’s equally crucial to ensure that it’s engaging your target audience. Our team of experts will carefully audit your site and make recommendations for new content, targeted keywords, and social media, all directly related to your goals for your brand. Not every SEO services company will do this.

3. Content Creation

Whether you’re looking for new blogs, images, or a full website makeover, Coalition Technologies can help. Our team includes many talented designers, writers, and strategists, and we are ready to use our skills to highlight your brand and create engaging content for your website.

4. Resolution for Google Penguin and Other Updates

Every time Google makes an algorithm update, such as the Penguin update that occurred in 2012, there are changes to the SEO process. If your website has a Google penalty that you aren’t sure how to resolve, we can help! With our Google penalty recovery services, we’ll modify your website so it’s up-to-date and accessible by search engines.

5. Full SEO Services Company: A Turn-key Program

We offer full SEO services, from content creation to link management. Let us handle the details while you invest your energy elsewhere. Ensure your site is the best it can be by taking advantage of our turn-key services.

Coalition Technologies: The Experts Are Ready to Help

Whether you want a little help or the full package, we are ready to assist you in making your website the very best it can be. Simply let us know your budget, and we will maximize it to provide assistance in the most crucial areas. For more information on SEO pricing and how our top SEO services company can help your business thrive, please contact Coalition Technologies today.

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