17 Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

The 17 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins to Grow Your Brand

WordPress’ ecommerce plugin gallery

Looking for the right plugins for your store? Dive right in with our list of the best ecommerce plugins, tried and tested with the Coalition stamp of approval.

WP Rocket

Popularly called the #1 caching plugin for WordPress, this one is the go-to choice for some of the leading brands on WordPress. Here’s what you get with WP Rocket:

  • A single-click activation that speeds up your site immediately by applying web performance best practices.
  • Fast unique caching that improves the impact of CSS and JS on your site.
  • Excellent compatibility, with support for some of WordPress’s most popular themes and plugins.
  • Cache preloading so that your visitors benefit from website updates right away.

Try WP Rocket

Pricing: Starting at $59/year.

Gravity Forms

An attractive, intuitive, and easy-to-use form is a key part of any ecommerce business’s conversion funnel. Gravity Forms is our choice for the best contact form plugin for WordPress ecommerce. Here’s how this ecommerce plugin for WordPress makes a difference:

  • A powerful visual form editor lets you create a custom form that suits your brand and conversion strategy.
  • Supports the most extensions among the competition and can easily be extended further with custom code if needed.
  • Workflow automation and conditional logic features that can customize forms to be more relevant based on user inputs and selections.

Try Gravity Forms

Pricing: Starting at $59/year.


User-generated content (UGC) can result in up to a 400% increase in click-through rates, and leading brands have already boosted their social spending to take advantage of that. Flow-Flow is a WordPress plugin for ecommerce that helps growing businesses make the most of UGC with direct social feed integration. Key features include:

  • Support for multiple sources (Instagram, Twitter, Meta) in a single cohesive feed.
  • Multiple layout options like fixed height grids and boxed galleries.
  • Smart caching that ensures your media loads fast, even under heavy traffic.
a social feed for a bakery

Try Flow-Flow

Pricing: The Lite version is free, while the Pro version starts at $49.


WooCommerce is one of the best ecommerce plugins for WordPress, currently sitting at over 5 million installations. As a free, open-source platform, WooCommerce is unrivaled in its flexibility and features, adding massive functionality to any store while not compromising on speed. 

  • Design unique storefronts and eye-catching themes with a lightweight WordPress ecommerce plugin.
  • Since it’s open-source, this plugin has enhanced flexibility and can be updated more frequently by the community.
  • No-code customization features like block-based checkouts allow you to refine your store even if you don’t know how to code.

Try WooCommerce

Pricing: Free, with paid upgrades.

Subscriptions for WooCommerce

Many businesses in the ecommerce space are pivoting to subscription revenue models, with the global subscription ecommerce market expected to reach about $904 billion by 2026.  Subscriptions for WooCommerce is a plugin that allows your business to make that transition smoothly. If you’re already working with the WooCommerce plugin for your store, this one is easy to adapt to. Key features include:

  • Full compatibility with all major payment gateways.
  • Supports email notifications for subscribed customers.
  • This flexible WordPress ecommerce plugin allows you to set different subscription frequencies, offer free timed trials, and convert existing products to subscription-based products with a single click.

Try Subscriptions for WooCommerce

Pricing: Starts at $109/year, with an optional free version.

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

The best WordPress plugins for ecommerce aren’t always flashy. ACF is a must-have plugin that allows you to maintain your store’s front end, assuming you already have some development knowledge. With ACF, you can:

  • Take control of your website’s content creation experience, adding fields wherever you want on the edit screen.
  • Speed up your content creation with easy templating and create new custom post types without coding.
  • Go beyond text, creating customizable image galleries.

Try Advanced Custom Fields

Pricing: Starts at $49/year.

Yoast SEO

Building a great store with useful features is one thing, but you also need a way to draw in the right traffic. Yoast SEO is an SEO WordPress plugin for ecommerce that does the heavy lifting for you. Trusted by over 5+ million stores, Yoast SEO gives you the tools to help your store rank with the best by simplifying the process. Use this plugin to:

  • Take care of technical tasks like canonical URLs and metadata.
  • Speed up your content creation workflow with generative AI features.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with constant updates, employing best practices with schemas, XML sitemaps, title tags, meta descriptions, and so much more.
Yoast SEO’s dashboard

Yoast SEO is one of the best options for ecommerce WordPress plugins if you’re working on a budget. However, if you’re looking for a long-term SEO strategy, we recommend working with an SEO agency. This is because the plugin’s automated features offer more of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, and the AI-based content tools can be hit or miss. 

Try Yoast SEO

Pricing: Free, with a premium option starting at $99/year.

Google Tag Manager for WordPress (GTM4WP)

Moving back from the content creation side, this WordPress plugin for ecommerce is a completely free way to deploy and manage analytics for your store. GTM4WP automatically inserts GTM code into your WordPress pages, so you don’t have to. This allows you to:

  • Track user behavior on a granular level, such as how a user scrolls from the top to the bottom of a page.
  • Integrate with other popular plugins like WooCommerce to refine your conversion funnel.
  • Track special data like user weather conditions and OS to create a personalized shopping experience.

Getting started is easy, even if you’re not familiar with coding. You can import JSON templates from the plugins and start tracking immediately with Google Analytics/your tool of choice.


Pricing: Free.

Wordfence Security

Security often goes under the radar in the best ecommerce WordPress plugin discussion, with content and SEO taking up the spotlight. Not securing your store can cost you thousands in revenue due to downtime and data theft. 

Wordfence is one of the best security solutions for WP, protecting your store against most major threats. Key features of this WordPress plugin for ecommerce include: 

  • Comprehensive security features out of the box, including an endpoint firewall, live traffic views, and login security.
  • Built on open-source architecture for added transparency.
  • A real-time firewall that can detect and deter malicious traffic, all maintained by a large team of security experts.

It’s worth pointing out that the open-source nature of this plugin can be a double-edged sword. Its transparency can make finding exploits and workarounds easier, so we recommend running malware scans often. If you see something getting flagged in a scan (or if you’d just like to be sure), reach out to a digital marketing agency to ensure your store is fully malware-free.

Try Wordfence Security

Pricing: Free, with premium options starting at $119/year.

Solid Backups

Keeping an updated backup of your store can save you from a painful and costly recovery process. This WordPress plugin for ecommerce makes backup hygiene a breeze while being one of the most cost-effective options on the market. Here are the highlights:

  • The best backup plugin for WordPress ecommerce if you’re working on a budget. Use 1GB of free stash storage to start backing up your database immediately.
  • Encrypts your backups and allows you to archive them offsite or with your cloud storage of choice.
  • Schedule auto backups so you stay secure all the time.

Try Solid Backups

Pricing: Starting at $99/year.


Redirection is a simple and free tool that manages redirects for you, ensuring that dead links don’t drag down your site ranking. Here’s why you need this WordPress plugin for your ecommerce store.

  • Bulk import redirects and manage them without modifying server configurations in one intuitive interface.
  • The plugin minimizes coding, allowing you to create redirects without Apache or Nginx knowledge.
  • It’s completely free! 

Try Redirection

Pricing: Free.


Experts believe that 75% of your brand’s credibility comes from your website’s design, and picking the right site builder can make all the difference. 

seafood store homepage featuring salmon

We recommend avoiding page builders other than Gutenberg, but WPBakery is an exception. When it comes to the best ecommerce design plugins for WordPress, WPBakery is a great choice for people on a smaller budget who cannot hire an agency for help. Using this WordPress plugin for ecommerce, you can:

  • Design great pages without needing developers.
  • Use an AI assistant to speed up your workflow.
  • Access a massive template library to kickstart your design.

Try WPBakery

Pricing: Starting at $59/lifetime.

Smush Pro

In a famous study, Amazon found that every 100ms of latency directly led to a 1% fall in sales.

Smush Pro makes every millisecond count by optimizing your images and helping them load faster. You can check out a free version of this ecommerce plugin on WordPress, but the Pro version uses a better algorithm to compress the images and further reduces load times. Other notable features include:

  • Lossless compression options that preserve your image quality.
  • Built-in lazy loading that delays loading images until the user reaches that part of the page.
  • Optimization runs using their own API, reducing the performance impact on your server.

Try Smush Pro

Pricing: Pro starts at $3/month.


Klaviyo is one of the best email service provider (ESP) ecommerce plugins for WordPress. Using this plugin, ecommerce brands on WordPress can turn a single transaction with a customer into a long-term relationship; here’s how:

  • Automate dozens of customizable emails to greet your customers, remind them of their abandoned carts, or wish them well on important dates. 
  • One-click integration that syncs both your historical and real-time data.
  • Supercharge your engagement with personalized emails for every lead.

Try Klaviyo

Pricing: Starting at $60/month.

WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML)

WPML allows your brand to expand its horizons by making translation a breeze. You can build a multilingual site in minutes by using the plugin’s quick automatic translation features, or you can even send it to a partnered translation team for human translation.


Pricing: Starting at $42/month.


This ecommerce plugin for WordPress helps your communications stay out of people’s spam folders, making email deliverability reliable and consistent. WP Mail SMTP works by making WordPress use the right SMTP provider, and it’s free! The highlights include:

  • It’s the best ecommerce WordPress email plugin in terms of ROI, fixing most deliverability issues in minutes, and ensuring your email campaigns reach the right readers at no cost.
  • Includes reporting features that allow you to track deliverability over time.
  • Supports backups in case your primary SMTP provider fails.

Try WP Mail SMTP

Pricing: Free, with Pro starting at $49/year.

WP Staging 

Not every hosting platform has a built-in staging site capability. This WordPress plugin for ecommerce lets you work around hosting limitations and test new updates without worrying about anything breaking. Use this plugin to:

  • Create an exact clone and backup of your site in seconds for testing.
  • Create a daily backup plan that can run in the background without slowing down your website.
  • Working with a small server? You never have to worry about server timeouts.

Try WP Staging

Pricing: Free, with a Pro option starting at $8/month.

*Note that the free version of WP Staging is quite limited and lacks several vital features. It is also missing some key integrations with cloud providers.

Instead of going through the hassle of accommodating hosting platforms that do not offer a staging site solution by using this plugin, consider getting WP Engine set up with the right hosting and avoid this plugin altogether.

Grow Your Brand With Coalition Technologies

The best ecommerce plugins for WordPress can supercharge your store with powerful new features and unforgettable designs – but you’ll still need an effective strategy to make the most of it.

Check out our case studies to see how Coalition can grow your brand with the right WordPress plugins for ecommerce, or get started today by contacting us for a free strategy review!

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