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Case Summary: Any sports fans out there? Have a favorite team? This sports memorabilia supplier provides jerseys, banners, equipment, and so much more to avid sports fans. They turned to Coalition for our full press – website design and build, SEO, PPC, and an ongoing retainer.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

This sporting good and collectible store needed to get their fans, I mean customers, away from the game for just a moment to see their products. First, they needed a site to display their products, team goods, and have a way to reach out to their customers. Then, they were going to need some helping reaching the #1 spot on search results. Any sporting fan can agree, at the top is the best place to be.

Solution Icon Solution

Coalition’s expert design and development team built this sporting store a BigCommerce site with shopping cart that would be compatible with any device, including mobile phones, for those fans who can’t miss the game. They built a custom checkout site for the customer’s convenience, integrated a blog, optimized product pages and promotional tools, just to name a few things. We also performed SEO and PPC campaigns, making sure all errors were fixed and all content was rich and indexed.

Result Icon Result

In the first three months with us, this sporting memorabilia store went from $915 to $2,869 to $4,388 in revenue through just the PPC ad campaign we had researched and monitored for them. This does not include revenue from organic traffic created by our development and SEO work on their website.

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