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Lease Advisors

Client: Lease Advisors


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Services Provided: Conversion Optimization, ,

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Case Summary: Not all search marketing is focused on your end consumer. Some brands, like Lease Advisors, need to reach highly specialized audiences through SEO and PPC. Find out how we reduced cost per conversion for each new customer from $450 to $69 while also growing incoming leads more than 400%.

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Lease Advisors

Challenge Icon Challenge markets to a heavily competitive industry with global financial firms backing many of their competitors. As their online and offline advertising costs escalated, they realized a partner was needed to help manage advertising spend without limiting their online opportunities.

Solution Icon Solution

Coalition reviewed existing website content and historic online advertising performance before recommending a multi-national PPC and organic SEO campaign focusing on the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Result Icon Result

After Coalition managed Lease Advisors’ online advertising, cost per conversion fell from $450 to $69 per opportunity. Overall campaign costs in both SEO and PPC were 60% lower than what previous agencies had billed. Moreover, incoming leads grew by 400% since the campaign was launched.

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