Case Studies

  • Casa Teresa

    This luxury villa is located in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica and is available to rent. It is the newest house located right on the beach with amenities that include massages, helicopter tours, and surf lessons. After a year with us, their organic traffic increased by 541% with organic goal completions increasing by 192%.

  • Lease Advisors

    Not all search marketing is focused on your end consumer. Some brands, like Lease Advisors, need to reach highly specialized audiences through SEO and PPC. Find out how we reduced cost per conversion for each new customer from $450 to $69 while also growing incoming leads more than 400%.

  • Captain Cook Resorts

    This Hawaiian vacation rental site gets you to your home away from home… in paradise. Captain Cook Resorts could sit back and relax, while our expert team took over their SEO efforts.

  • AH Capital

    Real estate investment does not typically make for an exciting digital experience. Coalition and AH Capital teamed up to change that.

  • Henry Development

    Communicating authority, trustworthiness, and value can be difficult on a web page. Not for our team of creative geniuses, however.

  • Town & Country Village

    This luxury urban shopping destination in Houston, Texas wanted to update its look. Coalition built a WordPress site that would be user-friendly to allow their customers to see the merchants and really get a feel of what it would be like to visit Town & Country Village. Take a look at the site and see if you agree.

  • Neilas Inc.

    This Canadian property developer prides themselves on their urban designs. They came to Coalition after receiving some bad press, and needed to make sure their clients were also seeing all of the awards, accolades, and positive reviews of their projects. As part of our real estate SEO strategy, Coalition first worked to optimize their site to show off their achievements. We then did our homework on the negative reviews and made efforts to change or get them removed. We also made sure to build reputable links and increase the number of positive reviews on numerous platforms.

  • Rent Spree

    Finding a place to live in Los Angeles is tough. Rent Spree helps you find the best options for your new home. We were approached by this young company to help them generate more leads. Through our SEO and PPC campaign, the overall monthly traffic increased 618.93% from 1,035 users to 6,406 users.

  • Cast Iron Lofts

    New Jersey is known for its hyper competitive real estate market. Cast Iron Lofts managed to leave the competition behind with a little West Coast SEO and PPC.

  • The James Group

    One of Southern California’s leading triple net lease agencies wanted a website to handle their large inventory of properties in a clean, user friendly way. See what our creative team came up with.