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The Art of Charm

Client: The Art of Charm


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Case Summary: Turning ordinary men into extraordinary gentlemen requires an extraordinary web marketing team. Good thing The Art of Charm chose Coalition. We helped them grow their traffic 10x and establish themselves as a national brand, dominating their industry.

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The Art of Charm


The Art of Charm is a leading lifestyle coaching program, based in Los Angeles, California. Their motto, "Where Ordinary Guys Become Extraordinary Men," clearly communicates the company's objective. Previous web marketing efforts had been less than extraordinary, leaving the Art of Charm to feel more like ordinary—which is why they turned to Coalition.


Leading SEO researchers at Coalition reviewed the Art of Charm's historical efforts and identified potential penalty areas generated by previous marketing initiatives. Our strategy started with on site improvements intent on improving user behavior and bettering search factors. Once that was set, our masterful team of marketers began a truly extraordinary push.


Within nine months, grew from 800 visits per day to over 2,500 through organic search, all while utilizing white hat SEO, or Google compliant marketing techniques. Within one year, The Art of Charm was seeing over 100,000 new visits to its site each month. By focusing on the creation and distribution of quality content to highly relevant websites, Coalition managed to increase consumer interest. And two years later, our team helped The Art of Charm cross the 500,000 unique visits mark.

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