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Client: PaperMart

URL: www.papermart.comHOME

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Case Summary: Paper Mart, a small, family-run wholesale packaging and gift wrapping supplies store, is the perfect example of a niche company that continues to benefit from SEO. Click here to see their excellent results.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

When they first came to Coalition, this wholesale packaging and gift wrapping supplies small business was losing market share, suffering from a slow site load time, and feeling the effects of growing online competition.

Solution Icon Solution

Coalition’s SEO strategies, including drafting optimized category page and blog copy, implementing 301 redirects for inlinks, completing a site conversion optimization analysis, creating and implementing optimized metadata, and building high quality links, continue to bring this client impressive results.

Result Icon Result

In the period of a year, Paper Mart has seen their organic traffic grow by 82%, from 165,000 organic sessions last year to 300,000 organic sessions this year. In the same time period, new organic users increased from 94,500 to 179,000.

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