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Client: Pranamaya


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Case Summary: Learn how this yoga media company went from losing money to generating a steady profit thanks to Coalition’s SEO and PPC strategies.

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prana maya

Challenge Icon Challenge

This yoga media company, offering online courses and DVDs, need Coaltion’s help generating organic traffic to their site and growing their online sales.

Solution Icon Solution

Since we took over the client’s PPC campaigns, they went from losing money (spending $4,000 while only making $1,500 in revenue) to making a substantial profit: in one month of our PPC campaign, they generated $3,500 in revenue from a spend o $1,130. Our work made their PPC campaign a profit-generating powerhouse that worked to supplement the organic revenue they were seeing from our SEO campaign.

Result Icon Result

In the span of a year, we increased the client’s organic traffic by 88%, from 5,000 sessions to 9,000; organic transactions increased 356% from 16 to 73; and organic revenue increased 315% from $1,000 to $4,000.

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