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Rainbow Symphony

Client: Rainbow Symphony


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Case Summary: This paper glasses store offers everything from 3D glasses to eclipse viewing glasses to fireworks glasses. Since we began working with Rainbow Symphony, their monthly revenue has grown exponentially from $22,296.18 to $355,900.86.

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Challenge Icon Challenge

Rainbow Symphony invokes feelings of magic, happiness, and childhood. But they are serious about their glasses revenue. They came to Coalition to complete SEO services and begin a PPC campaign to drive in more traffic to their site. Our results were outstanding.

Solution Icon Solution

Some of the SEO fixes we made include updating their sitemap, fixing issues with their shopping cart, retaining link values, and optimizing product images. We also wrote copy, built quality links, and made the site mobile compatible. We continue to work with Rainbow Symphony to make improvements to their rankings.

Result Icon Result

Over the course of our work for this paper glasses company, their monthly revenue has grown exponentially from $22,296.18 to $355,900.86. The number of organic sessions went from 3,010 to 85,024. They now have over 60,000 users coming to their site monthly.

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