Case Studies

  • Inhaven

    Inhaven supplies furnishings, supplies, and other products to short-term hospitality and travel service providers. After discussions with several hospitality property owners and managers, the client wanted to solve the procurement challenges they were experiencing.

  • Meori

    This organizational company focuses on on the go solution to storage. After starting SEO with us 4 months ago, Meori has seen sessions increase by 296% and revenue increase by 354%.

  • Packed Perfectly

    This concierge website provides travel recommendations and fashion advice. Highlighting destinations and events around the world, they capture the spirit of wanderlust. Lara, the founder, came to Coalition to increase her traffic and membership. Read on to find out how we increased her traffic by more than 400%.

  • Captain Cook Resorts

    This Hawaiian vacation rental site gets you to your home away from home… in paradise. Captain Cook Resorts could sit back and relax, while our expert team took over their SEO efforts.

  • Tlapazola Party Rentals

    This Southern California party rental company is family-owned and operated, and has established themselves as professional, clean, and on-time. After 5 months with us, Tlapazola Party Rentals has seen a yearly increase in their organic goal completions of 194% with overall goal completions increasing by 176%.

  • Pearl Recovery Retreat

    This LA-based concierge retreat offers their clientele the most comfortable and luxurious surgery recovery experience possible. After just 4 months with us, year over year organic traffic is up by 77% with an 81% increase in organic new users.

  • Search Scuba

    This dive shop directory provides divers with the researched dive experiences they want and dive shops with a platform for bookings. After seven months with us, user traffic is up 90% and transactions are up 100%.

  • Alberton Orchards

    This luxury guest ranch in Montana offers upscale lodging with a plethora of outdoor activities. After 6 months with us, Alberton Orchards saw a 117% increase in organic goal completions along with a 94% increase in their organic conversion rate.

  • Casa Teresa

    This luxury villa is located in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica and is available to rent. It is the newest house located right on the beach with amenities that include massages, helicopter tours, and surf lessons. After a year with us, their organic traffic increased by 541% with organic goal completions increasing by 192%.

  • Captain Dave’s Dana Point Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari

    This Dana Point-based dolphin and whale watching safari offers underwater viewing pods so that customers can be eye to eye with wild sea life. After just 5 months with us, organic traffic is up 50% with revenue increasing by 52%.

  • Forest Travel

    Forest Travel is an innovative luxury corporate travel management company that partners with leading industry travel vendors to provide expert-level consulting, priority wait listing, hotel savings, exclusive rental car programs, discounts on business class, and much more. They came to Coalition looking for improvements in their digital marketing efforts and we produced great results for them!

  • Cabeau

    This neck pillow company was established in 2010 by a former professional basketball player. They made a name for themselves through their main product, the travel pillow, but wanted further global reach for their other travel accessories. After working with us for a year, Cabeau has seen a 69.77% increase in sessions with a 68.66% increase in revenue.

  • Alligator Pear

    Alligator Pear is a Los Angeles-based catering company that provides international cuisine with a fresh Californian twist. They wanted a website that showed off their culinary and event planning skills while attracting new customers. Luckily, our design and development team was there to bring their innovative catering to the masses.

  • West Coast Adventures and Outfitters

    Small town and back country aren’t words that the owner of finds offensive. In fact he embraces them. But his site needed to do more so he came to Coalition.

  • Genius Pack

    This luggage brand is all about functionality and making travel easy again. Its founder, Alfred, came to us in need of more traffic to his site. Through our PPC campaign we were able to deliver an average of 2,000 new users monthly, increasing the conversion rate consistently every month.